Friday, 7 June 2013

Flotsam & Flim Flam - Free jewellery making projects!


I've been putting together Flotsam necklaces. They're excellent for using up any 'orphan' beads and charms you have - they also work wonderfully with buttons

They're a perfect jewellery making project for impatient makers, or if you make jewellery to sell, these are light on labour and components - and high on impact!

To make the necklaces you will need some basic tools:

  • Flat nose pliers
  • Scissors or snippers
  • Chain nose pliers
Materials for the project:

Materials are really flexible - I've suggested some alternatives that will work well too - just use whatever you fancy!
  • 2mm satin rat tail - a double necklace length (approx 36"- 40" for an adult) alternatively you could use wax cord or even a sturdy ribbon
  • 1 clasp of your choice - lobster, t bar, magnetic - bigger ones are less fiddly for necklaces!
  • 2 foldover clasps - or end of your choice - spring crimps work well too
  • 5mm jump rings
  • Hanger beads
  • Eyepins (if using buttons or other hanging items that need a bail made)
  • Headpins for beads
  • Buttons or beads and charms

  • Cut the stringing material in 2 and attach the foldover clasps. 
  • For the button version, insert an eyepin through one button hole. Keeping the eye visible over the button rim, bend the pin round and make a wrapped loop just under the eye to make a bail. Do this on 3 buttons, or as many as you want. (These look great loaded with buttons)
  • Attach the buttons to the hanger beads with a jump ring
  • Thread the hanger beads onto the rat tail 
  • Attach the clasp with jump rings
  • You could tie a knot either side of the hanger beads for a different look - allow a bit of extra length before cutting the rat tail though!
  • For the bead and charm version, put the large bead on a head pin, make a loop and attach to the hanger bead with a jump ring. For charms, again attach to the hanger bead with a jump ring
I called these Flotsam necklaces because they work really well with those 'forgotten friends' at the bottom of your craft stash!

Enjoy making your free bead project :-)
Back soon!

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