Monday, 17 June 2013

Flower Fair Free Jewellery Project - Bag Charm

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Time for my final Flower Fairy tutorial.  Inspired by the arrival of Summer and lovely flowers plus the delightful bronze findings from the Mad Cow Bead Barn.

These are my flower fairies. They are easy to make requiring only a few basic tools. Add some Fairy Chic to your handbag :)

Continuing our tutorials - today a Bag Charm!

You will need

1 Pair Chain Nose Pliers
1 Pair Round Nose Pliers

1 Bronze Tone Curb Chain
3 Bronze Tone Head Pins
1 35mm Bronze Key Clasp

2 Bronze Tone Butterfly Wing Beads
2 10mm Frosted Lucite Bellflower Beads
7 4mm Glass Beads
1 Bronze Flower Bead

In terms of skills you will simply need to know how to turn and wrap a headpin loop and to open and close jumprings. A fun easy project for a summer's day!

1)Create your charms by sliding beads onto the headpins and then turning a loop at the top.

 2) Separate your chain into shorter lengths by opening the links with pliers (like opening a jump ring) and then closing them.

3) Attach charms to chains in the same way.

4) Attach chain lengths to Clasp and voila!

All of the supplies used here are from and we would love to see your flower fairy earrings on our facebook page so please share your makes with us!

This was my last Flower Fairy project but I will be back with some exciting new tutorials soon!

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