Saturday, 23 June 2012

One handed Bracelet Project

A simple but effective design combining the popular 17mm ring link and some jazzy 8mm Jolie Vache pearls

One handed? Well almost - I have one arm in a splint, so please forgive the rather ropey crimps in the picture! At least I can say the design is suitable for beginners, and easier for anyone with 2 hands!



  • Cut the tigertail into 3 pieces
  • Thread 2 crimps onto one section of tigetail
  • Wrap one end around a 17mm connector, pass through both crimps and press flat with pliers to secure. ~(or use crimp pliers) - this is the middle section of the bracelet
  • Thread on 3 8mm Jolie Vache pearls & 2 crimp beads
  • Thread on a 17mm connector. Check it is the same way round as the other connector(!)
  • Trim tigertail if necessary.
  • Loop the tigertail over the connector, through the crimps and back inside the first pearl. Press crimps flat to secure.
  • *Pass another section of tigertail through one connector and secure with 2 crimps as before
  • Thread on 5 Jolie Vache 8mm pearls, 1 grooved bead, 2 crimps and then the 't' bar section of the clasp.
  • Fold the tigertail back through the clasp and through the crimps. Make this loop a little longer to ensure you can operate the clasp!
  • Repeat from * on the other 17mm connector.
Wear and admire!

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say it says said...

Pretty amazing make with just one arm! I hope you're back to two soon.

Just want to let you know that I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award. You can find out more on my blog