Wednesday, 20 June 2012

More Interchangeables..

Another 'interchangeable' - like the button and ring ones, this is a short length designed to clip onto a leather thong. I thought pearls and leather sounded a bit odd, but the look great together! Not a twin set in sight..

This is an easy make - the only fiddly bits are the last 2 crimp and loop pieces, and I think that would have been a lot easier if I had 2 fully functioning arms today!



  • Cut the tigertail into 3 equal pieces
  • Make a loop of tigertail around one connector and secure with 2 crimps
  • Repeat on another piece of tigertail

  • Loop the third piece of tigertail through one of the connectors and secure with 2 crimps - this is the middle section of the necklace
  • Thread on 5 8mm beads and loop through the other connector. Secure with 2 crimps
  • Thread 5 8mm beads onto each of the 2 tigertail lengths, fold the tigertail round to form a loop and then secure with 2 crimps. This final loop needs to be large enough for the lobster clasp to clip on to
  • Remove the existing lobster clasp from the leather thong
  • Attach a 10mm clasp to each spring end
  • Attach the centre section
  • Wear and enjoy!

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