Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Exchangeable, Interchangeable Button Necklaces

Today I went to the doctor's with a sore wrist and came out with a splint and strict instructions to rest it... luckily I made some things last night!

Summer necklaces made of giant buttons and 16mm jumprings are quirky and fun! They're also satisfying to make - quick but wiggly(!) (you need to wiggle the jump rings about so that the buttons hang nicely)

By attaching a lobster clasp to each end of a leather thong, you can make different 'centres' and match your mood :-)

Here's the project instructions:

To make the top necklace you need:



  • Open 6 16mm jump rings and thread two rings onto each flower button
  • With the right sides facing, join the 3 buttons together by interlinking the jump rings
  • Hold up and adjust if necessary - you may find that putting the jumprings above, or below a petal will help it sit nicely
  • Add a 16mm jump ring at each end, and then a 7mm jump ring
  • Remove the lobster clasp from the leather thong (too big!)  and attach a 10mm lobster to each end of the spring
  • Attach the middle part and wear :-D


bojanglies said...

Oh dear! What have you done?!


Georgie said...

I got tendonitis. And ignored it for ages - which apparently isn't what you do! :-(