Friday, 23 September 2011

Cute Cluster Drop Earrings


Here's a quick and easy - but really effective - earring pattern. I made mine with plated findings and lightweight acrylic bicones, but it would easily 'upscale' with sterling silver jump rings and Swarovski bicones if you're an uptown girl!

Tools and Supplies:

4 7mm jump rings

4 5mm jump rings

2 ear hook wires

6 4mm acrylic bicones (2 in each of 3 colours)

6 head pins

2 pairs chain nose pliers (or 1 flat, 1 chain, or 1 jump ring tool and 1 chain)
Round nose pliers


  • Thread one bicone onto each headpin and turn a loop
  • *Open 1 7mm jump ring
  • Thread on 2 5mm jump rings and 1 ear hook
  • Close 7mm jump ring, ensuring ends are tight and snug!
  • Open 1 7mm jump ring
  • Thread on 3 bicone loops (1 of each colour)
  • Thread the 7mm jump ring through both 5mm jump rings and close the 7mm jump ring
  • Repeat from * above - but thread on your bicones in the opposite order to ensure a pair of earrings when worn!

Wear, and enjoy the admiration :-)

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Anonymous said...

Simple but effective - thank you! Janis