Friday, 16 September 2011

Adventures in Chain Maille

I love the look of chainmaille, and today was the day I decided to give it a try! The picture above is my first attempt ever - it's a Helm (parallel chain) bracelet and I'm feeling really pleased with myself :-)

Chainmaille is a series of interlinked rings - and there are hundreds of patterns. Helm pattern is a relatively simple weave, perfect for a beginner like me. I must say it was quite addictive and very satisfying - it reminded me a bit of knitting. I also found my mistakes easier to correct than my knitting errors(!)

There are a few methods for producing Helm but this one was the one that I found easiest.

I used the gold rings in my design because I thought it would be easier to see where my rings were supposed to link. I really like the effect though! I will be doing some more chain maille for definite.

I  used 36 7mm silver jump rings, 38 5mm jump rings and 17 7mm gold jump rings, plus a triangle toggle clasp to complete the design so that it fitted my own wrist. All the findings are available from

I hope you feel inspired to give chain maille a try!

Best wishes


DysfunctionDesigns said...

Lovely bracelet. I tried a version of chainmail a while back but it kept falling apart :/ hehe

cool_porpoise said...

I love chain maille! I've made several pieces and I'm becoming addicted to it. So far the items which have been made using the "Cascades" pattern have generated the most sucess and you can get som many different colour jump rings now to use! I've not done this design, but will have a go at some point. Jennifer

Lorraine said...

I Love this, I have just started doing Chain Maille and I can't believe what I managed just being a beginner. Love this design, please god let me win some money on the lottery this weekend so I can spend it at mad cow beads lolol

Gill said...

I'm addicted to chainmaille
I have made pretty box weave bracelets and threaded leather thong through the middle. The next one I want to have a go at is the box weave with captive beads inside, the trouble is, I can't bet the bead size right for the jump rings