Friday, 9 September 2011

Autumn Flower Girls.. & a JellyRoll Bracelet

Hi Beady Peeps!

The bead barn overfloweth with sparkly things this week, so if you're in need of Autumnal Inspiration, have a look at the new things we found here

Our new Official Packing Goddess (Hannah)  has set to work, which left lucky old me with some time to make some pretties this week.

First up is a project for you. It's a pretty hairband for flower girl, or even as the finishing touch to a party outfit. It's quick to make, very comfy to wear (this is very important when you are trying to persuade a small person to wear a beaded hair band!) and I think it looks great! I've called it Autumn Flower Girls because I designed it with my friend's wedding in mind.

If you've not tried wiring beads before, this is a perfect first project to try. Here goes!

Tools and Supplies:

  • Cut 2 loops of memory wire and then trim them so there is a 5cm gap in the circle
  • Cut 65cm of craft wire and fold in half to locate the centre
  • Place one loop of memory wire on top of the other and line up the ends roughly (they're trimmed later, so you don't need to be exact
  • Ensure that the memory wire loops are on top of each other and not twisted, or resting inside each other *very important!* as this gives the whole piece its structure
  • Fold the middle of the craft wire over the middle of the memory wire base and wrap around firmly 4 or 5 times.
  • Working to the right, wrap the craft wire around the memory wire loops firmly to hold them together. Aim for tight neat wraps, about 5mm apart. Finish 2cm from the cut end of the memory wire loops.
  • Repeat, working to the left.
  • Now cut *ONE* of the memory wire ends back by 1cm. Using chain nose pliers, fold the long end back so that it touches the cut surface. Squeeze to flatten and neaten
  • Wrap the craft wire over the join and to about 5mm of the end. Wrap tightly and closely. Snip off the remainder and squeeze flat with chain nose pliers.
  • Repeat with the other end.
  • Your base is now complete!
  • Cut another 65cm of wire and fold in half to find the middle
  • Again, find the middle of the base, and wrap the middle of the craft wire round - you should have two 'ends' - one for each side of the design.
  • Start with a 3 flower cluster: Thread on one lucite trumpet bead, one 2mm spacer and then pass the wire back through the trumpet (see pic)

  • Hold the trumpet flower and spacer close to the base and pull the wire through tightly.
  • Wrap the wire round the base once
  • Repeat for 2 more flowers
  • Wrap the craft wire just underneath all 3 flowers together and then use your fingers to arrange the 'bunch' - keep the wire quite tight.
  • Wrap the craft wire once round the base
  • Thread a 6mm bicone and hold it tight against the base. Check the position is how you want it (I suggest aim for parallel with the base) and then wrap the craft wire back around the base to hold the bicone.
  • Repeat with a second bicone
  • Repeat the pattern twice more so that you have the centre flower 'bunch' then 2 bunches on one side with 3 sets of 2 bicones - finish with 2 bicones
  • Here's a closer look at the pattern:

  •  Repeat for the other side
  • Once complete, continue to wind the craft wire around the base and trim off - give it a good squeeze to flatten the wire and hold tight

    The second piece I made, is really simple, but looks fab! - I've called it my JellyRoll Bracelet:

    If you don't want to bother with a toggle clasp, this would also be great on Elasticow - because there are a lot of beads, please double it up though, and secure your square knot with a dot of nail varnish.

    I made it by threading 8mm Jolie Vache pearls in mercury alternating some lovely rhinestone rondelles from a mix pack and finished with a triangle clasp. I used Berkley fireline to thread, but tigertail would be fine too - whatever you prefer!

    Have a lovely weekend, and I'd love to see your versions of the Flower Girl project, so don't be shy!

    Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Georgina hi.
Just had a quick peek at your email. Love the tiara can't wait to have a go. Thanks for all the lovely ideas and bead selections.
Brenda. "AnSkyber Beads.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I keep seeing gorgeous tiaras and would love to make them but I notice that the wire is wrapped around the tiara and not covered in any way ... does this not hurt to wear it? Or get all your hair tangled when you remove it? As you can see I'm very nervous of investing money into making them and then find that they are unwearable ... please can you advise? Thanks very much, Lisa x

Georgie said...

Hi Lisa, the wire is wrapped around the base but it sits on your hair, and as the wire is smooth, it doesn't tangle in your hair. Is that what you meant?

Just keep the wraps snug. You'll see that tiara 'professionals' make wrapped tiaras like this, and sell them for (sometimes) many hundreds of pounds, so no, they're not uncomfortable.

The thing that makes them uncomfortable is a too tight band, not the wire wrapping, so, where possible, the wearer needs to try it on so that the band can be eased out if necessary.
Best wishes

Gill said...

Hi Georgie
Love the jellyroll bracelet.
How many roundells come in a pack?

Georgie said...

Hi Gill, There are 100 rondelles per pack :-) Georgie