Friday, 29 June 2007

it's Friday - that must mean counting..

Well along with the rather uninspiring counting... a silver lining!

I found a huge box of 'odds and ends' - single strands of beads mostly, freshwater pearls, gemstone chips and rounds. So, as I'm in a 'tidy up' mood I'm listing them all at 99p no reserve on eBay. I have a direct link to my eBay shop:

The 99p listings will be live over the weekend. There's LOTS!

I need the space because my Christmas stock is on the horizon. Yes, this probably sounds bizarre, but July and August are quieter for sales on the internet, so i use the time to make sure I've chosen stock of seasonal items - Halloween and Christmas - and I write up the listings for them. I do some last minute stock buying later in the year, but the core range will be in place (or at least on order!) within the next month.

That way, when it's October and everything goes mad, I know I have listings ready to go. This means I can concentrate on despatch, which is vital during the holiday period. I have a few Christmas Elves that need training though(!)

Aside from that, today I mainly wrapped parcels and did a little work on the website. I'm really pleased with how it looks and hope to have it thorougly sorted in around 2 weeks. If you'd like a sneaky peek go to:

I hope you like it too!

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