Friday, 22 July 2011

Fimo, Pearls & Noodles.. what more could a beady girl need?

The very long awaited mini fimo bead mix is now back in stock - one of my official favorites!

I'm off to a Christening on Sunday and I was lucky enough to have a little spare time this afternoon, so I made myself the little bracelet pictured above and a very blingy pearl & fimo lariat necklace here:

The dress I'm planning on wearing is really plain - so I think I'll get away with wearing both!

If you'd like to give them a try, here's the instructions:

Noodle Bracelet:


Fireline Jewellery Thread (or any other stringing material - I just really like Fireline!)
Fimo Mini Beads

2 Jumbo noodle beads

1 Bali Clasp

9 Mini Daisy Spacer Beads

2 4mm jumprings

2 silver calottes

4 2mm crimps

You'll also ideally need chain nose & flat nose pliers, or 2 pairs chain nose - and a pair of scissors


Cut a length of Fireline to fit your wrist, plus 1" just in case :-)

Thread on 1 calotte & 2 crimp beads close to one end of the Frieline.

Squash the crimps flat with your flat nose pliers and then carefully close the calotte over the crimps. Ease the calotte loop over the calotte shell to secure.

Open a 4mm jump ring and thread it through the calotte loop. Attach one half of the Bali Clasp to the jump ring.

Thread on one daisy spacer, one noodle bead and another daisy spacer.

Thread on one fimo bead and one daisy spacer. Repeat this another 5 times.

Thread on one noodle bead and another daisy spacer.

Check for fit. (If you need to make the bracelet longer then remove the daisy spacer and noodle and add one more fimo bead and a daisy spacer.)

Thread on one calotte and 2 crimp beads. Double check the tension of the piece - it needs to move, but not have big gaps when worn

When you're happy, squash the 2 crimps flat and close up the calotte. Ease the calotte loop over the shell to secure, then add a 4mm jump ring, and the other half of the clasp.

Pearly Lariat Necklace

A long time ago, someone told me that ladies wore pearls because they flattered the skin. Being 20 something and immortal(!) I dismissed this very silly idea... but 20 years later, I find that it's true. The lustre of pearls, glass ones, or otherwise, does seem to bounce light away from the funny wobbly bit that has mysteriously appeared under my jawline... I'm not one for the classic 'knotted pearls' though - so this lariat necklace uses the flattering pearls with some fun Tibetan silver and more funky fimo.

You can make this any length you like, but longer is better as the end that threads through the donut loop hangs nicely if it is a bit longer - mines 30" in total. Just experiment as you string up!


Fireline, calottes, jump rings, crimps mini fimo mix and daisy spacers as above - if you've made the bracelet, there are plenty of beads rings & calottes left over for this project too!

2 packs Floral bead caps (you need 28)

1 2" eye pin

1 28mm donut connector

28 12mm Jolie Vache pearls

1 daisy charm

This lariat needs you to make one wrapped loop, so you will need chain nose pliers. Flat nose pliers would also be helpful.


Cut a long piece of Fireline - around 34"

Attach the calotte using the method described above, threading the eyepin onto the calotte loop before easing it over the calotte shell

Using the donut as a guide, make a right angle bend in the eyepin about 10mm from the eye pin loop. Put the donut into position and bend the pin around the donut.
Between the eyepin loop and the donut, wrap the wire around twice to fill the gap and secure the donut. Snip the end tightly and make sure that it's tucked away and not sharp.

Thread one floral beadcap, one pearl, one daisy spacer, one pearl and one beadcap. Next thread one fimo bead, one daisy spacer one fimo bead, one daisy spacer and one fimo bead. Repeat the pattern to the length required and check that you're happy.

Secure the calotte using the method described above. Attach one 4mm jump ring and finish with the daisy charm.

Wear and enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend! :-)


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Their never understated especially when used with your other beautiful beads.

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