Sunday, 1 July 2007

Sunday - 99p beads .. housework and junky magazines!

Ah Sunday. I love Sundays. A bit of a tidy up of the 'bead warehouse', some very overdue housework, a quick trip to the supermarket and then time to read whatever trashy magazines I fancy. Today, same as every week, they're stuffed full of Paris Hilton / Jennifer Aniston and other bland celebrities, with a lot of discussion about who's fatter / thinner / taking drugs/ going out with Hollywood's latest 'Mr Perfect' etc etc. I love predictable reading matter, it stops my brain from working!

Having finished with the magazine and coffee routine I packed some more parcels and started preparing more 99p listings for tonight. I should have around 50 strings of semi precious gemstone beads and pearls at 99p no reserve, so that should clear some room for me!

Next task is my newsletter. I'm running a competition in July and also need to work out some 'bulk offers' on multiple Czech bead string purchases. There are plenty of offers around for 'bulk, one colour' but I'm guessing that hobby jewellery makers aren't going to need 1000 beads in all the same colour... I send a newsletter around once a month, or every 6 weeks and they're really well received, there is often a featured design idea, a 'newsletter only' discount and sometimes a giveaway too!

I don't send Spam, addition to my list is on request only, I don't just add on existing customers when I feel like it - you need to ask! I've also made it really easy to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive the newsletter. Having been at the 'customer end' of unsolicited email, this is something I was desperate to avoid. If you want to take a look, just drop me an email and I can add you to the list.

Anyway, that's quite enough from me - I have a newsletter to write and pearls to measure!

Hope you had a restful weekend.

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