Friday, 15 November 2013

Madcowbeads - Casual in Pearls..

This necklace was an accident really - I was experimenting to see how I could join 2mm rat tail to 0.3mm copper craft wire. Anyway, I managed the join (see below for my method!)

I love our Jolie Vache pearls, they're flattering and reflect a soft light upwards whether in 'natural' colours like ivory or white, or something a bit more funky! (like spearmint green!). I wanted to see what I could make that made pearls 'informal' and this piece works really well.

Tie a sliding knot in the rat tail (check youtube for a video clip) and you're done! This design would also work well as a bracelet.

Alternative stringing materials - you need to use something soft that knots tight - so grosgrain ribbon, suede wax cord or a thicker velvet would work, but leather thonging probably won't.

To make this you need:

10 8mm Jolie Vache pearls
9 8mm crystal rondelles
20cm fine silver plated copper wire
2 cone ends
Rat tail - around 40cm cut into 2 lengths


Sharp scissors.
Chain nose pliers


Take one end of rat tail
Tie the rat tail to the wire, about 25mm down from the end and pull as tight as you can
Using pliers, wrap the 25mm wire round and round the knot - as if you were finishing a wrapped loop
When you're out of wire, squash the wrapped knot with the pliers & snip off any ends
Thread on a cone and hide the knot inside the cone

Thread on one pearl and one rondelle. Repeat for all pearls and rondelles.
Fix the wire to the rat tail using the same method.
Thread on the cone to hide the knot

Tie a sliding knot and knot or melt the rat tail ends. (There are lots of sliding knot tutorials on You tube - much better than me trying to explain!)

This would also make a nice bracelet - just shorten the rat tail and use 6 beads and 5 rondelles.

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