Saturday, 10 December 2011

Bead & Craft Books and how to get yours free.. or cheap(!) this Christmas...

We've just taken delivery of some lovely new bead and craft books. They're deliberately not ALL beady - I like to look at other crafts and some of the most original creations come from those clever peeps that 'fuse' techniques together. Ok - I'm not convinced that a knitted oil painting is the way forward, but knitted earrings or rubber stamped jewellery components are probably a go go!

All the books are £10 or less, and the smallest saving off list price is 29%.. the biggest is a whopping 60% saving!

And that, my cows, is not all! To celebrate our first 'real' (ie not through Amazon stores!) book range we have a great offer on. The offer runs strictly until midday on Tuesday 20th December 2011 (this is the last posting day for Christmas delivery) but if we run out of books we'll have to stop early, so please order as soon as you can!

To give you maximum choice and flexibility, this isn't just a FREE BEAD BOOK offer... what you get is £5 off *any title* in the book section. Lots of the books are £5, and the most expensive are £10. You can choose any title and get a £5 discount.

This is how it works..

  • Shop on - you can shop in any section - new items and clearance included, but you need to spend at least £15 (excluding p&p)
  • When your total is £15 or more, visit the new bead and craft book section and select any book. If you want a 'free' book - just choose one that is priced at £5
  • Go to the checkout and use code books4xmas and your £5 discount will appear

If you check out the book section you'll  see there are lots of titles for beaders, scrapbookers, card makers and we've not forgotten candle making and knitting! These are all brand new books and would make a lovely treat for yourself for Christmas, or give one to a creative friend for inspiration.

We can offer these amazing discounts because we commit to large quantities. You can really help us to continue the offers by sharing this offer on your Facebook pages, on Twitter or in your craft groups. More customers mean we can source better deals as our buying power increases. Please 'spread the word about the herd' - it means a lot to us

Best wishes Georgie, Hannah & the Christmas Packing Elves

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