Friday, 21 October 2011

Release your Inner Witch this Halloween...

I hope you like my latest creation - I've been playing with some giant hibiscus flowers and Jolie Vache pearls to make a funky Halloween hair slide - perfect for a party, or maybe a bit of 'trick or treating'

If you're more 'Hula Girl' than 'Witch' -there's another colour scheme idea below.

Easy to make, and no tools, so give it a whirl tonight. Suitable for beginners, and takes less than 30 minutes.



Cut a manageable amount of nylon - about 18"
Thread it through the first loop on the haircomb and tie it to itself in a square (reef) knot, leaving about 2" on the tied end
Thread on a hibiscus and then a pearl.
Thread back through the hibiscus and pull tight against the haircomb
Wind the nylon around the haircomb and then over the petals if needed to secure the hibiscus in place.
Repeat with the other 2 hibiscus
Weave the nylon thread in and out of the haircomb teeth as near the top as you can manage, working back to where you started
Tie the end to the 2" length you left at the beginning. Tie a reef knot and pull really tight.
Secure with a dot of clear nail varnish or a dab of glue.
Snip the ends very closely once the varnish or glue is totally dry
Wear :-) Enjoy admiration!

Have a great weekend!

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